The Saskatchewan Fly Fishng Bulletin Board is a private bulletin board/forum which is restricted to  registered members belonging to one of the following Saskatchewan fly fishing clubs: Northern Waters Flyfishers - Prince Albert, Kilpatrick Flyfishers - Saskatoon or Flatland Fly Fishers - Regina.  

The bulletin board allows club members to post messages for others to read while knowing that the information will not be available for non-club members to see.  The purpose of the bulleting board is to encourage the sharing of information such as providing tips, a lake where the fising is really good or to be used as a means of planning fishing trips. 

Log-in-rules and procedures will be provided to you, by your local club after you have been approved  for access to the bulletin board by an adminstrator.

Sorry, but if you are not a club member, we do like to keep some things private and available to club members only.  The good news is that anyone can become a member.  To see information on the club click here.
                   PROCEDURES TO GET SIGNED UP

1.  Go to h   TIP - book mark this site for future access.

2.  Click on "Create new account" (ignore the error message)

3.  Enter whatever information you desire, but you must use  your REAL NAME as well as the
     address you registered with your club.  This helps the adminstrator idenifty you and verify
     your club membership. 

     If your name is John Smith, enter johnsmith as a user name.  You can change how it is
     displayed later.  We don't need to know your actual age.  However the Proboard rules
     require you to be older than 13 so pick any year you wish 1995 or before.

4.  Select "I agree" at the bottom of the page and than click on "Create Account".  Although 
      your account has been created it still needs to be verified by the adminstrator.

5.  Check your e-mail and follow the instructions.  The e-mail will state that your account has
     been created and that you will need to click on the link  in the e-mail to verify your e-mail
     address.  Wait patiently until the adminstrator gets a chance to verify your club
     membership.   Remember, the adminstrator may be out fishing so check often.

6.  Once your account has been approved you will get another e-mail stating this.  You are 
     now ready to log into the bulletin board.

7.  Go back to to enter your username and password to
     login.  Your first stip is to read the welcome section as it explains the intent of the bulletin
      board and does lay out a few ground rules. 

8.  Enjoy and looking forward to first post.
Members Only
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