Northern Waters Flyfishers
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
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THE NORTHERN WATERS FLYFISHERS meet on the second Thursday of the month, September through June from 7 - 9 PM in the basement of the Prince Albert Daily Herald building at 30 - 10th Street East, Prince Albert.  Knock on the front door to be let in.

Our purpose and objectives are to:
   - promote the sport of flyfishing;
   - provide a forum for the exchange of flyfishing ideas & techniques;
    - endeavor to preserve, reclaim and enhance fish habitats and
    - support and further fisheries research and conservation.

*** Visitors and new members are always welcome ***
Saskatchewan Fly
Fishing Federation
Bulletin Board
•  Handle all fish with care.
•  Limit your catch to ensure fish in the future.
•  Leave your fishing spot cleaner than you found it.
•  Respect the rights of property owners and other outodoor enthusiasts.
•  Use the proper tackle and methods for the species being fished.
•  Promote the sport by teaching youth and new participants how to fish.
•  Become informed about your fishery and participate in its management.
•  Reporty all illegal fishing activities to the proper authorities.
•  Respect the space of others and leave enough room for everyone to fish.
•  Learn the fishng and boating laws and abide by them.

The Northern Fly Fisherman
Trout Streams in SW Saskatchewan
Angler's Map
2017 Saskatchewan Angler's Guide
2016 Stocked Waters Guide
Whirling disease is not harmful to humans but can have significant effects on trout populations.  Fish infected with whirling disease may exhibit a “whirling” swimming behavior due to the parasite impairing the nervous system.   It is spread through equipment used for fishing and infected fish.  Before moving your boat, hip waders, wading boots or any other fishing equipment from one water body to another be sure to clean it.  Remove all mud, sand and plant material before leaving the shore.  Boats need to be rinsed, scrubbed, pressure washed and air dried for a minimum of 24 hours.  Waders, boots and nets need to be sterilized in the preferred disinfectant, Quat.  This is available at your local cleaning supply business.   Whirling disease has been detected in many watershed in Alberta.  If you fish in Alberta this summer be sure to clean your fishing equipment before using it again in Saskatchewan.            disinfection guidelines